Hotel facilities

  • Automatic entrance doors
  • Modern elevators
  • Safe deposit box (at the reception)
  • International standard rooms
  • Luxury lobby
  • ATM machine (at the lobby)
  • Free computer usage
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access inside bedrooms
  • Fire alarm system (Superior and Deluxe rooms)
  • Electronic kettle (Superior and Deluxe rooms)
  • Hair dryers
  • Reading lamp beautiful-on-top-floor
  • Modern LCD TV (Samsung 26 inches)
  • Mini-bar (Beer and Soft drinks)

Other services charged

  • IDD telephone
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning (charged by items, not by kg)
  • Light meal/delivery food
  • Airport pick up and transfer
  • Car and/or motor-bike rental
  • Booking for reconfirming air-tickets and hydrofoil
  • Tour information
  • Fax, copy, print and scan
  • DVD rental

Airport pick up

We are honored to offer the private airport pick up from Tan San Nhat international airport for your convenience. It usually takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the Saigon hostel from the airport.

Private pick up from Tan San Nhat airport to Saigon hostel : Price : US$20/transfer

The price includes : A/c private car/van, driver, gas, toll, parking fee.